2021 AHSRA Conference

The 2021 Adventist Human-Subject Researchers Association Conference (AHSRA conference) took place from May 19-21, 2021. This year the researchers presented their research projects on a virtual platform via Zoom. The conference participants represented 16 countries, including the United States (USA), the Netherlands, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, Senegal, Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines, India, Rwanda, China, Brazil, Russia, Namibia, Nigeria, and Papua New Guinea. Research presentations ranged from the area of Healthcare, Focus group research findings on Pastor’s Stress, to the area of Education. The presentations were done very professionally, showed quality work, and were received positively by the conference participants. If you are interested in some of these presentations, please check out the conference booklet and also https://digitalcommons.andrews.edu/. The AHSRA presentations will be available there soon.

May 20, 2021 AHSRA Virtual Conference
May 21, 2021 AHSRA Virtual Conference