The Beliefs & Practices of Adventist Young Adults

If you liked the first volume of the “Adventist Research” Series The Beliefs and Practices of Adventist Adolescents – Findings from the 2017-18 Global Church Member Survey presenting research findings on the habits of Adventist adolescents, their beliefs and attitudes towards themselves, their churches, and key areas of their lives, including those where some improvements could help them continue to grow and thrive, then you will love the second volume of this series: The Beliefs and Practices of Adventist Young Adults.
In this Volume, ASTR is not only presenting research findings from the young adult sample group but also significant findings comparing the Adventist young adult sample group to the Adventist adolescent sample group.
We hope this book will inspire you to pray for and love Adventist young people more. May the insights you receive help your local church embrace young Adventists, involve them in ministry to the church and community, and encourage them to move forward in their spiritual journeys with the Lord!

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