Summit Pictures

Galina Stele welcoming all Nurture & Retention Summit participants
Prayer by Brian Litzenberger who created a Biker Ministry
Special Music by Emmanuel Fortin, Fernanda Riza and Gabriel Morares
Address by Geoffrey Mbwana
The Power of Discipleship by Jim Howard
Synopsis of Presentations by Samuel Neves
Geoffrey Mbwana introducing Gerson Santos
Gerson Santos making annoucements
Samuel Neves talking with the audience
David Trim praying
David Trim chairing Plenary Session on Sabbath
G.T. Ng interviewing Nurture & Retention Summit participants
G.T. Ng talking with audience on Sabbath
G.T. Ng talking about worship experience
Audience member sharing his worship experience
Annoucements by Rachel Bustamante
Jeffrey Brown presents the writers for the last Ministry Magazine
Writer team presentation
Jerry Page presenting the Ministry Magazine to writers