What Adventists Around the World Believe about Creation

Blog April 24, 2024

As Seventh-day Adventists, our belief about Christ as the Creator of the universe stands as a cornerstone of our faith, shaping our understanding of God’s power and purpose. Adventists around the world shared their beliefs about creation in 2018 and 2023 through the Global Church Member’s Survey by responding to these statements: “I believe God created the universe” and “I believe God created the world in six literal days in the relatively recent past.”  How have our responses changed over time?

In 2018, an overwhelming 79.6% of respondents strongly agreed that God created the universe, reaffirming their unwavering faith in God as the Creator. In addition, 15.1% agreed, while smaller percentages expressed uncertainty or disagreement.

Moving forward to 2023, church members reiterated these beliefs with 79.4% of respondents strongly agreeing that God created the universe. Similarly, 15.4% agree, showing consistent support for this belief. While there are slight fluctuations in the percentages of those who disagreed or expressed uncertainty, the core belief in God’s creative power remains very strong within Adventism.

When looking at the responses by Division, 6.6% of respondents from Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division disagreed or strongly disagreed that God created the universe while there is 0% of those in the Euro-Asian and Trans-European Divisions disagreeing/strongly disagreeing that God created the universe.

There is a small contrast regarding the belief in creationism in six literal days. In 2018, a clear majority (64.9%) of respondents strongly agreed with the statement, affirming their unwavering conviction in the biblical account of creation. Fast forward to 2023, and we find that a similar number (65.3%) still strongly agreed with the statement. In addition, 21.2% agreed, showing a similar level of support as in 2018. However, there has been a slight increase in uncertainty, with 5.0% of respondents indicating they were not sure about this belief.

There appears to be a contrast between the 18.3% respondents from Chinese Union Mission and 0.2% of respondents in the neighboring Northern Asia-Pacific Division who disagreed/strongly disagreed that God created the world in six literal days in the relatively recent past.

These statistics offer us valuable insights into the evolving landscape of faith within our community. While the core belief in creationism remains robust, the slight increase in uncertainty regarding the six literal days of creation reminds us of the importance of prayerful consideration. It encourages us to engage in deeper conversations about the intersection of faith and science, seeking to understand and articulate our beliefs with clarity and conviction.

As Seventh-day Adventists, let us draw strength from the consistency of our faith while seeking to illuminate the beauty and wonder of God’s creation with love and humility. Let us continue to study God’s Word and engage in meaningful discussions that enrich our understanding of creation. Ultimately, may our unwavering faith in God as the Creator inspire us to live lives that reflect His glory and love to the world.

Created in collaboration with the Institute of Church Ministry.

Published by ASTR on 04/24/2024.