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AHSRA Conference 2023: Future of Adventism, Education, Social Issues, and Spirituality

A Virtual and in-Person Conference – a Hybrid – May 25-27,2023 at the University of Africa in Nairobi, Kenya

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Ministry in Urban Areas: A Special Calling

“Mission to the Cities” is one specific focus of the Adventist mission. Ellen G. White shared in her book Ministry to the Cities that people with special talents, skills, and training are needed to work in such settings.
She also said: “We must plan to place in these great cities capable men who can present the third angel’s message in a manner so forceful that it will strike home to the heart. Men who can do this, we cannot afford to gather into one place, to do a work that others might do.” These strong words bear the question, how many church leaders served in a large urban area with a population of one million or more? Are they familiar with the challenges faced in these areas? Let us take a closer look at some survey results from the 2017-18 Church Leadership Survey.

Research findings on young people

ASTR published two volumes on the beliefs and practices of young people.
Volume 1 is about Adventist adolescents and Volume 2 is about Adventist young adults.

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Articles on ASTR Research in other publications (e.g. Adventist Review)

Research Reports

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Strategic Plan by Quinquennium

The Church's world-wide strategic plan for the next five years.

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