Educating for Service and Mission: Teachers in Seventh-day Adventist Schools in North America and Their Perceptions of Mission

The questions addressed in this book include:

  • What do teachers in Seventh-day Adventist Schools in North America believe is their mission?
  • What was the original motivation that led to the setting-up of Adventist schools in North America?
  • What aspirations do the current administrators have for Adventist schools?
  • What congruence exists between the original motivation, the current aspirations of administrators and the beliefs of teachers about their mission?

The research reported here provides evidence that teachers in Adventist schools in North America hold views on the mission of their school that accord well with the goals of both the pioneers and current education administrators.

This book will be of interest to:

  • Teachers, school administrators, church administrators, church pastors, and parents of students attending Adventist schools;
  • Academics interested in faith-based school systems;
  • Academics interested in the role of institutions in a growing church.

What is being said about this book:

“Because school systems are constantly changing, data from practitioners is especially useful to discover what is of relevance today. Data from the teacher survey will provide guidance to Adventist education leaders as strategies and resources are developed to accomplish the mission of ‘collaborating for learning excellence through faith and service.’” Arne Nielsen, Vice-President for Education, North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“Adventist Education is valuable as that it creates men and women who know Jesus and the full revelation of our purpose, who are skilled in the practical application of the knowledge they acquired. My hope for this book is that it will help us understand the context of what must come next, the continuation of Adventist Education until Jesus returns.”Hirotaka Stephen Bralley, Director of Secondary Education, North American Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

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