2022 AHSRA Conference

The 2022 Hybrid Adventist Human-Subject Researchers Association Annual Conference held at AdventHealth University in Orlando celebrated its 10th anniversary. This year’s theme focused on Faith and Wholeness and examined ways faith contributes to healing and thriving. Keynote speaker Tyler VanderWeele presented on Correlations of Religious Community and Human Flourishing on Wednesday evening and paved the road for various exciting research projects, findings, and conclusions throughout the whole conference. Researchers worldwide presented on topics like International Research, Healthcare, Church Life, the World Church, COVID-19 (e.g. Vaccine Hesitancy at Andrews University/ Are You Pro or Against COVID-19 Vaccine? A Closer Look at North American Division Members’ Attitudes/ Lifestyle Factors Focused on Potential Antiviral and Immune-enhancing Herbs and Spices Used Globally to Treat COVID-19), and Mental Health (e.g. I struggled with depression, self-injury, and was suicidal: How Religious Practices Help LGBTQ+ Adventist Millennials/ The P.E.A.R. Strategy: Addressing Mental Health in Girls/ Religious Behaviors and Mental Health of SDA Church Members in East-Central Africa).
See more presentations on each topic here.