Video Segments and Clips

Research and Evaluation – 1

In this segment from “ASTR”, we explain what our Research and Evaluation team does and discuss the retention studies that have been done in recent years.

Research and Evaluation – 2

This segment provides a brief overview of resources available on the research website,

Research and Evaluation – 3

Dr. David Trim and Dr. Galina Stele discuss how the Seventh-day Adventist Church began conducting quantitative and qualitative research, what the vision for the use of such research in the Church’s strategic planning is, and what ASTR’s Research and Evaluation team has been working on.
Find out more about the Church’s strategic plans at

Research and Evaluation – 4

In this segment, Dr. David Trim and Dr. Galina Stele discuss member visitation in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and what the research shows us about this subject.

Research and Evaluation – 5

In this segment, Dr. Galina Stele discusses the results of research about the effectiveness of mission stories on mission giving.