2023 AHSRA Conference

The 2023 Hybrid Adventist Human-Subject Researchers Association Annual Conference held on May 25-27, 2023, at the Adventist University of Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. This year’s theme focused on the Future of Adventism, Education, Social Issues, and Spirituality. Keynote speaker Dr. Robert Stewart Prouty presented on the impact of Adventist Mission on Education and Development in Africa and paved the road for various exciting research projects, findings, and conclusions throughout the whole conference. Researchers worldwide presented on a wide variety of topics like “Through Christ Alone? Adventists’ Beliefs about Salvation”, “What does Recent Research Say about Level of Education of Adventist Church Leaders?”, “Meeting Physical Needs of Vulnerable Communities to Intersect with Spiritual Needs”, “The Impact of Family Dynamics on Academic Motivation”, “Video Game Effect: Good or Bad?”, “Student and Staff Evaluations of Psychologist, Pastoral Counsellor, and AI interactions in the context of text-based** online student counselling: A preliminary study”, “Bullying perpetrators and victims and associated factors.”
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